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We are a family-owned, local business specializing in residential and commercial gravel refinishing serving southeast Michigan and Northwest Ohio.


Bring your old driveway back to life!

Potholes and rutted-up driveways are hard on your vehicle, and they're not enjoyable to drive on either.

The bad news is that until you fix it the right way, your driveway will stay the same or even keep getting worse. 

Pouring more gravel onto the situation is NOT a solution. The only way to fix these potholes is to break up the surface and properly regrade the driveway.

Our process quickly recycles existing gravel, instantly regrading it into a rut-resistant surface that looks like more stone was added! 

Potholes, ruts, weeds, and grass are gone, and the customer has saved money and mess!

No new stone needed!

KAS Gravel Refinishing is proud to offer a brand new, cost effective, and environmentally-aware alternative to traditional driveway surfacing methods. 

KAS Gravel Refinishing is a subsidiary of our parent company



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