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Our Process

Do you sell stone?

No, we do not sell stone. We have found more than 90%
of the driveways already have plenty of stone. So why
buy more? We can fix what you already have and save
you money in the Adrian, Monroe and Syvania Mi!

How deep does your machine go?

We always grind to the bottom of the potholes or ruts but if none are present in a particular area and it needs a general re-leveling, we will go 3-6" deep with the machine.

I had someone do this before with a bucket on a skid steer, or a box blade on a tractor, is it like that?

No. This is something completely different. This process involves a rotating drum with carbide teeth grinding the top few inches of stone loose and then leveling and smoothing the stone back out, pot holes are ground away and leveled. Your existing stone recycled!

Can I use the driveway while you are here, or do we have to wait?

Yes! Your driveway will always be passable and can be used immediately. NO NEW STONE NEEDED!

How is this different than filling the potholes with new stone?

The best answer I have for this is to imagine a pothole as a cereal bowl. We can fill that cereal bowl up with cereal and make it "level" at the top, but the "bowl" (pothole) is still there. When you drive over the new loose stone, it just flies out and your pothole shows right back up. This process is different because we grind that cereal bowl (or pothole) away, it's gone!

Will I get potholes again?

Yes. Gravel driveways will always be susceptible to rutting and potholes over time and require maintenance. We offer annual "Tune-ups" that are a cost-effective way to keep your gravel driveway looking brand new.

  • Repair, renovate, and renew your gravel driveway without adding new stone.

  •  Renew and reuse your existing gravel to save time, save resources and save money.

  • Easily service previously inaccessible areas such as corners and areas adjacent to buildings and curbs.

  • Completely level and remove all potholes, ruts, grass, and weeds to give you a smooth, fully restored surface.

  • No driveway too big. No driveway too small.

With our technology, we're able to:

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